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Asaf Zamir (left) Co-founder & CTO and Gilad Somjen (right) Co-founder & CEO of Cloud With Me (PRNewsfoto/Cloud With Me)

23 May Cloud With Me joins Google Cloud Partner Program

Cloud With Me today announced it has joined the Google Cloud Partner Program. This will definitely help SMEs to simplify cloud adoption, making it easier for them to get access to Google Cloud's security benefits and infrastructure services, without the need for a developer on staff. Gilad...

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31 May Neil Patel recommends CloudWithMe

Neil patel, a marketing veteran, defines CloudWithMe as a Game Changer. And we're pretty sure he is right! We're glad to see that CloudWithMe is growing fast with a near perfect 98% in user satisfaction. CloudWithMe provides an intuitive dashboard to dramatically reduce the complexity in creating and maintaining of...

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23 Dec the right solution to make AWS easier to use

Everybody knows that Amazon Cloud Computing platform is extremely powerful. But, this power comes with a lot of complexity to manage. Even if you want to set up a simple install of Wordpress in a EC2 instance, the process can easily become daunting for a beginner. This is the reason why,...

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