Growing Capital | Siren raised €3M
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Siren raised €3M


13 Feb Siren raised €3M

We’re happy to announce that Siren has raised €3m in seed funding. The investment will help the company to access and grow in new markets interested in a data intelligence solution developed by Siren.

The company continued to develop its technology able to make data accessible through real-time search, dashboard analytics, knowledge graphs and real-time alerts. It’s easier now to use the data you collect to answer questions and make links, find patterns and relationships.

John Randles, new CEO of Siren, said that: “What Siren has done is build a data intelligence platform to really help people to understand data. There are a huge amount of technologies out there to help you gather, store and cleanse data, but not a lot of intuitive technologies to allow you to understand it and ultimately investigate on that.”

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Congrats to the team for this great achievement!